[sword-devel] Considering write-up on "Getting Started as BibleCS volunteer"

Lynn Allan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 15:53:06 -0700

Would appreciate some feedback: I'm considering putting some time into
writing up a series of notes on how to get started contributing to the
BibleCS part of The Sword Project. It would be from the perspective of a
Sword newbie, and try to address the learning curve involved.

I thought it could address things such as:
* acquiring Borland C++ Builder and setup (6.0? upcoming C++BuilderX?)

* CVS and ICU issues

* a "sane" subset of .bpr's and .bpg's (most now seem broken to this
inexperienced observer)

* a simple "baby" console program that acquires a verse from the sword-api
and displays it (would also function as a sanity check that enough stuff is
"knittted together" to allow proceeding. Also allow step-into debugging to
learn how the sword-api works)

* a simple "baby" vcl program that acquires a verse from the sword-api and
displays it (fuller sanity check)

* pointers to additional resources

(Does this seem worthwhile? Could some veterns provide some guidance?  Is
there a better person with the interest + time to tackle it? A bigger
question: is BibleCS r.i.p.?  As near as I can tell, the only project .bpr's
and .bpg's that work are associated with utility programs like mod2osis.
That seems to have been the case for some time, but I could be misinformed,
obviously. Is it possible to actually recompile BibleCS with what is in CVS
without show-stopper compile and link errors from the variant of
libsword.lib that it expects? Does C++Builder 5.5 work? Can it be obtained
somewhere? Is there a way to get C++ Builder 6.0 to work?)