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Tue, 25 Nov 2003 09:51:58 -0800

On Monday, November 24, 2003 5:32 PM Lynn Allan wrote:
> I would think a VBA wizard could tweak readme230.doc with something like
an on-load macro, > and the setup would be pretty much done. My impression
is that vba can distinquish between > Word-97, Word-2000, Word-XP, and
proceed accordingly.

VBA can be programmed to distinguish versions, but what is the primary
concern of using VBA in this particular scenario is the fact that there are
differing versions of Windows as well. This adds complexity to try to
determine what versions of Windows is running and whether or not the version
of VBA scripted will even run on the version of Windows and Office/Word.

These are the potential possibilities:

Office/Word: 95/97/2000/XP
Windows: 95a-d/98/98SE/2000/XP (95-98SE all have variations of the
capabilities of VBA), There is also the slim chance that there may even be a
Windows 3.11 in the mix with Word 4, because the email did not include the
variations that were out there.

I think that it would be better for long-term to have a standard and single
point for the EasyEnglish functionality.

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