[sword-devel] Por favor: who is working on libsword.bpr (& biblecs using borland)?

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 14:40:35 -0800

Borland C++ Builder 6 is not officially maintained by us. As far as I know
only Daniel Glassey and I use Borland C++ Builder 6 and he rarely runs
windows so BCB6 project files are always behind. First let me ask the
obvious, are you trying to compile from the BCB6 folder specifically? Or
from BCB5? My suggestion is to start from the BCB6 files and work from
there. Mainly you should only need to be adding in new files to the swordlib
project and recompiling. As you run into linker errors you will need to do
some investigating and find the files that are missing, hints will be given
by the linker error, then grep the classname and you will find the source of
the class.
I also know Chris updated ICU recently and that may need some updating in
BCB6 as well. As far as who is updating libsowrd.bpr, I dunno I can't tell
you that. Maybe if I get time Saturday, I can try to compile the latest CVS
stuff on my machine using BCB6 and see where it fails, and try to get a
working set of project files on the cvs. I have not helped Troy on Sword
since last May, I am just too busy these days.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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Subject: [sword-devel] Por favor: who is working on libsword.bpr (& biblecs
using borland)?

> I'm trying to get up to speed with the biblecs branch of sword. I've
> downloaded the cvs trees for sword and icu-sword. So far, nothing from the
> unmodified cvs "get" will even compile with Borland C++Builder 6.0. The
> project files (.bpr and .bpg) seem very "stale".
> I've asked several times about who "owns" or participates in development
> biblecs, and thought I might try to help out.
> I noted that someone checked in new versions today of libsword.bpr and
> osis2mod.bpr, so it seems that somebody is working on the borland
> I attempted to look in the cvs modules to see if there was a log of who
> the check-in. If it is available, I couldn't find it (probably because I'm
> cvs newbie).
> Assistance appreciated.
> I've been fussing with libsword.bpr, trying to get unresolved links fixed.
> So far, I can get diatheke working again (removed several obsolete
> references and include missing references.) It seems like someone else is
> doing that also, so perhaps we could communicate.
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