[sword-devel] KJVlite

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 20:45:53 -0600

The only reason I created the KJVlite module was for individuals who 
wanted a truly public domain version of the KJV, unencumbered by Larry 
Pierce's copyright claims.  At the time, he had given us permission to 
distribute the KJV with Strongs but this didn't extend to third parties 
wishing to redistribute Sword.  So KJVlite was created, without the work 
Larry claimed as his own.

Since the KJV module itself no longer contains anything related to 
Larry, there was no need to continue making the KJVlite available and it 
was erased.


Geoffrey W Hastings wrote:
> What happened to the KJVlite module.
> I noticed when I burned a new CD that it wasn't on it. Then I checked the
> Crosswire/Sword/modules web site and saw that it wasn't listed.
> I have found it handy to have it and the KJV with Strongs so I could tab
> between them. It was faster than going back and forth to the options.
> Geoff Hastings
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