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I'm not an experd on greek texts, so maybe someone else could better 
explain this, but this is what I know about it.

Nowadays there are 2 groups of text-families that are often used by 
students; the Critical Text (Nestle-Aland) and the Majority Text 
(Byzantine). Most students favor the Critical Text, which is based on 
some few very old documents, above the Majority Text, which is based on 
around 5000 manucripts, which are of later date.

As Sword modules the following texts are available:
Byzantine, Textus Receptus (Majority Texts)
Westcott-Hort (Critical Text)

In which of the 2 groups the Tischendorf text fitts, I don't know, but I 
think it's a Critical Text.

But, if you're looking for a Nestle-Aland text, the best you can take is 
the Westcott-Hort, which has also the variants of the NA27/UBS4 text (I 
haven't checked this, but it's what the module-info says)...

In Christ,


Will Thimbleby wrote:

> Hi guys,
> No idea how to answer the second question, can I leave it in your hands.
> Cheers -Will
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>> Subject: display greek accents in LXX and NT
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>> Dear Mr. Thimbleby
>> First, I really like your bible programm, as the only osx-based 
>> programm that can display the Biblia Hebraica with vowel points!
>> But I still have some problems with the greek texts:
>> 1) But yet I do not know how to make the greek accents work in the 
>> LXX and NT texts?
>> 2) How far away from the Nestle-aland (which is commonly used at my 
>> theological seminary) are the Greek-Versions of Tischendorf or the 
>> Byzantinus-Text? Are they reliable? Is there a Possibility to 
>> purchase the Nestle-Aland-Edition?
>> I hope you can answer my questions.
>> Yours sincerely
>> Christian Walti, Stud. Theol., Zürich
>> Christian Walti
>> zwoerg@gmx.ch
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