[sword-devel] forums

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 16:00:26 -0600

Indeed, it was never the intention to move any developer chatter to 
forums.  It is solely for user/community discussion.  And, as Troy 
hinted, it's a replacement for sword-support in many cases.  Rather than 
just write mail to the support list that will just be ignored, users can 
now compare notes to resolve their own problems.  I think forums like 
these are probably what more than 2/3 of the people on this list were 
really looking for when they signed on, rather than a mailing list that 
is supposed to be primarily technical in nature.

I wouldn't especially mind mirroring the forums to mailing lists (like 
Yahoo groups basically).  But I think putting sword-devel in a public 
forum would be pretty pointless and generally a bad move.  So I'm happy 
there are technical obstacles to that.  If people want to read 
sword-devel, they can use the archives.  If they want to post, they need 
to join.


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> I am of the same mind regarding forums.  The thinking, at least in my 
> mind, is for them to be a USER community resource-- especially geared 
> toward letting the community _support_ themselves with general 
> questions and sharing ideas about how to _use_ the software.
> I had not intended developer communication to move to the forums.
> I wouldn't mind mirroring lists like sword-devel to the forums, as 
> Derek suggested, with a gateway, but I don't believe the forum package 
> we're using has a gateway mechanism yet.  It's opensource, anyone 
> wanna work on it? :)
> Thanks for the opportunity to clear this up.
>         -Troy.
> Derek Neighbors wrote:
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>> Chris Little wrote:
>> | hey everyone,
>> |
>> | Please visit the forums at http://www.crosswire.org/forums/ .  Post 
>> some
>> | messages, get some threads going, test all the buttons & links.  
>> Let us
>> | know what should be changed.  Have fun.  Not too much fun though.  
>> Okay,
>> | go ahead, have as much fun as you want.  We can clear the messages
>> | before it goes public.
>> I'm all for more ways to communicate.  However, generally it is a pain
>> in the rear for developers to bounce between a ton of different
>> communication channels and still work effectively.  Is there anyway you
>> could produce a gateway to the email list for the different forums?  So
>> that those that prefer forums can use forums.  Those that prefer email
>> lists can use email lists?  But neither has to suffer missing the
>> communicatoin of the other?
>> - -Derek