[sword-devel] SwordProject for windows

Dorota i Wojciech Bartmi˝scy sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 00:39:00 +0100

We have proofread new polish Sword module (vs. 1881 Biblia Gdanska
edition) and it seems to be OK.

E-text copyright owner mail is wrong - it should be: biblia@elblag.net

OSIS text contains over 100 mistakes in verse numbers and it is
currently undergoing corrections (we've finished OT and started NT).
We'll notify you when it's ready.

AMDG, Wojciech Bartminski

> Troy A. Griffiitts wrote:
> It would make it much easier for us if you could
> provide the detailed copyright information in English to us, so we
> the legalities of distributing the modules from our site.

>>E-text was scanned + ocr + proofread by people 
>>mastering BIBLIA TM website (http://biblia.elblag.net , contact (...)
>>They expressed clearly (I have their note concerning this), 
>>that their work can be "freely used as the file formatted as OSIS 
>>and derivate formats, including modules used by the Crosswire Bible
>>OSIS text is encoded by me and it is also intended for free use 
>>(although it is not ready, I have to correct it acc.to
>>In His service,

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