[sword-devel] osisCore 2.0 docs

schultz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 09 Nov 2003 22:21:25 +0100

Chris Little schrieb:

> [..]
> I realize that OSIS may seem complex and difficult to master, but it 
> is truly simpler than, for example, any modern variety of (X)HTML.  
> The fact is, we needed to build an XML language that can be used to 
> represent real Bibles and all of the other literature that would be 
> used along with them.  For the most part, we've got that now.  (The 
> remaining issues still being worked on are primarily for more complex 
> Bibles with critical apparatus/morphological tagging/etc., and those 
> issues will be handled in separate modules.)  There are plenty of 
> other Bible markup standards that simply could have been adopted & 
> converted to XML syntax (e.g. GBF, SFM, and various proprietary 
> formats) not to mention XML formats like ThML & XSEM that could have 
> been converted to XML Schema and extended, but the Bible Technologies 
> Group collectively decided that we wanted something reasonably 
> complete, broadly useful, and that would have some potential of wide 
> adoption. 


 Zefania XML is not created for for such a large goal. :)  that is obvious!

> If you think Zefania doesn't need best practice statements, you're 
> either making the assumption that encoders who use Zefania will 
> somehow intuitively know what you were thinking as you designed the 
> language, or Zefania is so simplistic as to not really be useful.
> --Chris 

Zefania XML is optimized for  writing biblesoftware like my project  
Zefania XML PureBible.


therefore  Zefania XML contains only minimum necessary markup for bible 

best wishes
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