[sword-devel] Windows CE bible reader

Johan Gorter sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 9 Nov 2003 13:44:20 +0100

Hello Dan,

Thanks for your reply. 

I planned to include the search functions as well. Where I want to focus
on first, however, is rewriting the program to make it faster. The 2
second delay before displaying the buttons to select a chapter for the
first time I think is not acceptable. Furthermore I am not completely
satisfied with the way the verses are displayed (no cleartype, each
verse on a new line, no markup). I want to complete the 'reading'
functionality first, before adding 'study' functionality. Personally, I
prefer my desktop for studying anyway.

I think that it is already possible to store programs and modules on a
storage card, although you have to do this by hand. The program and
modules can be stored anywhere, the only thing fixed (hardcoded) is that
the mods.conf file must be in the '\Program files\sword' directory. In
this .conf file you can say what the locations are for the modules. I
think if you put the sword.dll file in the same dir as the .exe you can
also store them anywhere you like.

In his grace,


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I don't think many people replied to this.  I think what you've got is a
great beginning!  I'm so glad to see software for WinCE.  Even though
many people complain how poor the platform is, the reality is that there
is a major market for this work.  Next to the Palm, this platform is the
most common for a PDA as far as I know anyway.

I have another module included with the KJV on my Ipaq.  Including the
sword search functions, the other thing that would be most beneficial
would be the ability to store programs and/or modules on a storage card.

I wished I knew the platform and the programming more.  Maybe if I knew
how to compile something I could add these functions myself.

Again, Thank you so much for your efforts!


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Hello everyone,

I had some time to spare the last couple of days and I used it to finish
the first version of a windows CE sword bible reader. Right now I
finished the first prototype. The frontend needs to be redesigned,
because it is rather slow now, but it functions ok. Anyone with an IPAQ
(arm processor) can download this version from the link below and unzip
it into the 'Program Files\sword' directory on the device and it runs.


The sources can be downloaded from the link below. I do not think I made
any more changes to the files from the repository. The whole thing can
be rebuilt if you download 'embedded visual c++ 3.0' from microsoft and
extract the files into the   'c:\IpaqProgs' directory. (the workspace is
in the Interface1 directory)


I hope you will find this version useful.

I look forward to hearing from the progress of making the repository
files compatible with the windows CE compiler.

In Him!


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