[sword-devel] MOD2OSIS.EXE - FAQ?

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Sorry for bothering you - I'm newbie and I have many questions - most of
them I answer myself but please - tell me how to save the output of
Are there any parameters which I should use in the command line?
I have a result which I can see on the screen (only last lines), but I
can't find the way to save it. 
E.g. I write: mod2osis Clarke
and no file is created. Should I add any option (I was trying to add dos
commands, to invent options like -s, -l etc. but with no result).

OS: Win XP, Sword Project 1.5.6

Besides, you are doing really excellent work. 
Wojciech Bartminski

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	Not sure how valid the OSIS document will be that mod2osis.exe 
produces.  I've actually never tried it on windows, myself.  OSIS 2.0 
was released yesterday and we've not updated that program since 1.1.  It

might be a good starting point though.  Hopefully, we'll have it updated

in the next couple weeks.

	To get any of the commandline tools running, it's best to
confirm that 
you have a working SWORD library installed by using one of the frontends

for your OS (like The SWORD Project for Windows).  It this frontend can 
see and read your books, then the commandline tools should work as well.

  Just make sure they are in the same directory as the frontend 
executable, to be safe, e.g. sword.exe

	From a quick look at your path, it would probably be:

G:\Programme\CrossWire\The Sword Project\

	Also the module names are case sensitive.

	Hope this helps,

Daniel Englbauer wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know, if the following question is OT in the developer
> mailinglist, but I don`t know where else to ask...
> Is there anywhere a FAQ and / or a documentation for
> mod2osis.exe? For a project I want to convert some German bible
> versions to OSIS-documents, but I can not get the program
> running. Neither in the filemanager nor in the dos-box. mod2osis
> can not find the module I gave him as parameter.
> I've copied the program in the root directory, in the mods.d
> directory, in the module directory. In none of them the program
> is running successfully.
> I even set this parameter in the autoexec.bat:
> SET SWORD_PATH="G:\Programme\CrossWire\The Sword Project\mods.d\"
> ... and some other versions.
> OS: M$ Win 98, Sword Project 1.5.6
> Or are there anywhere the german bible versions for download?
> They are not at CCEL and not at
> http://www.bibletechnologieswg.org/osis/docs/...
> Yours sincerly
> Daniel Englbauer
> http://www.englbauer.de/theol/
> http://www.ekir.de/examen/
> http://daniel.englbauer.de/
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