[sword-devel] MOD2OSIS.EXE - FAQ?

Daniel Englbauer sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 3 Nov 2003 09:40:20 +0100


I don't know, if the following question is OT in the developer
mailinglist, but I don`t know where else to ask...

Is there anywhere a FAQ and / or a documentation for
mod2osis.exe? For a project I want to convert some German bible
versions to OSIS-documents, but I can not get the program
running. Neither in the filemanager nor in the dos-box. mod2osis
can not find the module I gave him as parameter.

I've copied the program in the root directory, in the mods.d
directory, in the module directory. In none of them the program
is running successfully.

I even set this parameter in the autoexec.bat:
SET SWORD_PATH="G:\Programme\CrossWire\The Sword Project\mods.d\"
... and some other versions.

OS: M$ Win 98, Sword Project 1.5.6

Or are there anywhere the german bible versions for download?
They are not at CCEL and not at

Yours sincerly

Daniel Englbauer