[sword-devel] Re: your UNV question (fwd)

Steve Tang sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 05:55:23 -0700 (MST)

I've just made a compressed module of a "Chinese Union Version with
Strong's numbers" and got a prompt reply email from the copyright owner,
allowing us public release. He only wished that we note clearly that the
original (the Strong's number part) needs further proof-reading.

So who is willing and know how to make this 'official'? How do I post this
module up for testing?

For those who are interested. Our Chinese translation - chigu - is 
commonly known as 'Chinese Union Version'. Its electronic version has been
offered for free for a long time and is the most widely used translation
among Evangelical Chinese Christians, though most people buy paper copies.

As far as I know chigu is the same translation and I've verified, by my
Perl script, that the Chinese text part of the new module I just made is
very accurate.

Steve Tang...

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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:30:58 +0800
From: shyu@fhl.net
To: Steve Tang <ctang@nyx.net>
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Subject: Re: your UNV question

Dear Steve:

Thank you very much for your generously encouraging words, and for your 
interest in our work. 

The main goal of our project is to provide a free Bible tool, yet with good 
quality, for those who love to study the Word. Therefore, you are more than 
welcome to download our data and to make them for public use. 

However, may I remind you that our work is still going through proofreading 
process, where our volunteer editors need to check if the insertion of Strong 
numbers is correct, and if there are any numbers missing, in the text. If you 
are planning to make your module as an open source, please do make a note to 
remind your users that the content is still in the process of proofreading.

And check back with us once in a while to see if we have any new, updated 

God bless

Hapiru, CBOL project director

Quoting Steve Tang <ctang@nyx.net>:

> Dear sirs,
> May God bless your work on the web.
> I'm working with 'the Sword Project' (http://www.crosswire.org/sword)
> which I hope you're aware of. I had downloaded from your web site
> 'unv.tgz' file and made a what we call a Sword module - meaning a bible
> text version - which is CUV + Strong's numbers.
> My question is: would you be willing that this module be made public
> freely? Or who will be the contact on this subject in your organization.
> Also, the accuracy of that file is remarkable. Many years ago I downloaded
> Chinese Union Version from two different web sites. I wrote a script to
> compare the two files and found about one thousand 'typos' and corrected
> them all. I did the same and the bible text portion (exclude Strong's
> numbers and punctuation marks) of your file matches 100% with my file.
> I thought the chances of 'mistyping' the same word the same way is
> minimum between two authors. The probability of having three make the same
> typo is near 0. I sincerely appraise your devotion in His Word.
> Steve Tang...

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