[sword-devel] Install manager feature suggestion- sword updater

Kyle McConnell sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 23:52:02 -0500

(resent with a subscribed address)
Under the assumption that once people install the software, they probably 
won't check the sword webpage frequently, but will probably run the install 
manager now and then to see if they have the most current/newest modules 

Have install manager check the current version of Sword, and if a newer 
version exists, somehow notify the user of the newer version.
*A popup dialog box saying "new version, check our website" or just to 
click on the sword logo at the top of the window
*Changing the graphic/message in the installmgr that currently has the 
sword logo and a link to the website. "The Sword Project... a new version 
*Sword could be identified (somehow) as a special module that could be 
downloaded directly in Installmgr.

The second option would probably be the easiest, as I think it'd require 
minimal additions to the program, mainly a procedure that checks the 
version of the Sword executable, one that creates the pop-up box, and 
something on the server that indicates the current version. Does Sword 
currently have a procedure that returns the version, or is it stored in a 
.conf file somewhere (didn't find one myself). The problem with this (other 
than the programming) is that everyone would need a new version of 
installmgr to take advantage of it. If they managed to get a new 
installmgr, they probably got the new Sword, too. It'd be nice for future 
users, but would do nothing for current users.

Changing the graphic would essentially have the same issues as the previous.

The special module idea might be the best, but might be kind of funky to 
work out. I don't know where to start, or even if it would be possible. 
This is where someone who knows something can take over. The benefit of 
this (if it doesn't require anything too massive) is that it should be 
reasonably available to all versions of installmgr.  Possibly, it could be 
an empty/nonexistent module whose title just informs the user of a new 
version, perhaps a "Program" module grouping whose appearance in the list 
would indicate a new version.

My observations indicate a fairly steady stream of modules, but fairly 
irregular public releases of Sword, so it follows that people may be more 
willing to run installmgr semi-regularly than check the website. Yes, it's 
easy to check the website,  but I've been busy and only noticed the release 
of 1.5.5 because I'm on the dev list. So, I think a system of notifying the 
user when there's a new version would help helpful. my $.02