[sword-devel] CD image

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 20:09:30 -0700

Well guys, the CD image is updated and finalized for print Monday. 
There are still 4 things outstanding, but I'm willing to leave 3 alone 
if they don't get fixed by Monday.

1) Installer for Ezra Font.  We can just place it in the fonts directory 
like all the others, but the installer would be nice.  I'll get on 
Jody's case to finish.

2) Installed icon for Help points to old HTML file.  Again, something 
Jody has to do in InstallShield, but from the program the correct help 
file is displayed.

3) Font selection for popups is still really sporadic.  On my laptop 
running 2000, I cannot get the 'run from CD' option to show arabic 
verses popup from a commentary verse link, but might mean that we're 
trying to set the font into the .conf file and trying to reload the 
.conf file on save (which won't work from a CD cuz we can't write). 
Other things seem to not display correctly (not just run from CD, but 
installed to hard drive as well) and only sometimes.

4) Indonesian Bible Society permission for their 3 ID texts.  They 
recently asked us to discontinue distributing them.  I've traded email 
with a few people over there but haven't heard from them with a decision 
yet-- which is probably good.  It, hopefully, means that they are 
considering giving us permission.

Any help anyone can give in respect to these 4 things would be greatly 
appreciated.  Otherwise, you may test the latest image at:


Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support.