[sword-devel] Problems, Comments, thoughts, criticisms, complaints, queries with the latest release

Daniel Freedman sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 18:16:07 +0200

Great Stuff

This email refers to Final Release 1.5.4


1. Modules

i. Basically this module is great, apart from the dagesh forte/lene (and
other nikkud / vowels ) - specifically BibleCS perhaps should work towards
UniScript from Microsoft?

B. Aleppo
i. The numbering scheme is such that there is no end of module pointer at
the end of this module...if you goto Malachi 4:6 it ends up in a perpetual

C. Verse Numbering
i. This is a huge problem...different verse numbering schemes mean that
BibleCS forces its numbering scheme onto Modules (specifically
Hebrew/Jewish) where they aren't there...perhaps it needs to be more
flexible, allowing for two different numbering schemes, that makes it
slightly easier to work with.

D. A Personal Commentary toolbar should be available instantly when moving
to it, enabling a click to delete, edit, etc. the actual edit toolbar needs
work - a full justify button, plus the usual, save, delete and exit buttons
should be there...  its a bit un userfriendly and some of the symbols are
not clear (what do the down arrows mean for instance?)

E. Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha modules - this is a biggy maybe we can get
R.H. Charles' on BibleCS?

2. Searching

A. It would be nice to see the search phrase or search terms highlighted for
that particular search (perhaps just above or below the "create verselist"

B. There needs to be an automatic reset system, that automatically resets
the language/unicode feature in searching, or at least let it correspond to
the book - it seems silly to have it revert to Hebrew, when one has chosen
to search in the KJV?

C. I think this is a feature that needs to be corrected more (or perhaps
made clearer), that once your search has been complete, you can change to
any book, and keep the same verses, which is a great study tool !!

D. Multiple search windows are in order, (or at least make it an option in
'preferences', great for searching for a Hebrew word, and then the
translation in Brown Driver Briggs, in say the KJV or RSV !!

N.B. !!

E. It is unclear as to when 'quotation marks' are appropriate?  Perhaps
someone could clarify...  It seems they should not be used...if this is the
case the option "phrase" and "regular expression" need to be clearer perhaps
a choice such as "Exact Phrase" needs to be inserted rather than phrase...I
am unclear as to the difference between "Phrase" and "Regular
Expression"...also an option that restricts the terms to "whole words"
should be included...

F. The option to "define custom range" would be of benefit if the "create
verse list file (svl)" could be used as a range...The various sections of
the Hebrew Divisions would be nice to be included:

Torah (Law): Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
Neviim (Prophets): Joshua, Judges, Samuel I & II, Kings I & II, Isaiah,
Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum,
Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
Ketubim (Writings): Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs/Solomon, Ruth,
Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, Chronicles I & II

or perhaps individual books as well...

G. The full quote of the verse, does not automatically update, if you change
the bible, however, the quick reference does...

H. Bookmarks/Search list


1. Export to Bookmark (perhaps under title: "current search"
2. Export to Clipboard
3. Export to file

Also options include
a. "full reference" i.e. Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning G-d created heaven and
b. "Half reference" Genesis 1:1 In the Beginning...
c. "Reference" Genesis 1:1
d. "Abbrevation": Gen 1.1

Instead of having to goto each reference and copy text, it would be great to
have a single click - copy the full reference of all searched items to
clipboard (with a limit on say 30 verses...)

3. Unicode

A. Menu Labels / Book Names etc.

All this needs to be unicode enabled so that I can translate some of this
into  Hebrew, perhaps a transliteration feature for book names and Menu
labels, might be useful as well.

4. Personal Comments/Dictionaries

A. buttons added for easy saving, editing etc...

B. There does need to be a 'button'
that simply converts the Personal Commentary to a
normal module

C. Personal Dictionary
At some point a personal dictionary / lexicon /
glossary module should be made, which would mean I can
add words to a dictionary...I have the facilities to
really include some great Hebrew/Aramaic material,
which would be helpful...

5. General Stuff

A. Bookmarks, data that includes the module (i.e. which bible must be
referred to in the Bookmark, so its easy to jump to that module.

B. It would be better to have a better back button, that applies to a
specific module (in a drop-down list).There needs to be greater
functionality when it comes to going back in various modules. There needs to
be an option to lock the toolbar to prevent accidental  clicking

C. We need a GUI front end module maker for bibles, commentaries
and lexicons for windows

D. tooltips don't go off immediately and hang about even if there is no
reference there...

E. It is unclear which glossary is chosen for the glossary popup, if so, it
doesn't work at all and provides the incorrect popup for words: "thee"
brought up some wierd glossary on Chaldean for example.

F. Colours, the overall windows colours should be compatible with windows,
on windows xp the window colours look ugly. I'd like it if it was more
compatible with a 'windows look' be it XP or win2k or win98

G. Its my personal opinion, that having a tiny window between "bible" and
"lexicon/dictionary" windows should be available for footnotes...

H. perhaps underneath the toolbar - we could have a nice heading
bar....(something like outlook express)

I. too many modules is getting a problem...it would be helpful to further
subdivide them in terms of language - perhaps allow the user to create a
preference list, with the ability to call it up as needed - something like a
library with specific modules - Hebrew Modules - BHS, Aleppo, Modern Hebrew
for example...

J. There should be an option to alternate between RTL and LTR in the
windows (or to left-right full flush justify text)

K. Is it not possible to make the selected moduled tab text, a different
(maybe white or a user defined colour)  is it not possible to add an icon to
the select module (like in e-sword)?


Thats about all the emails that I sent off at various stages for
1.5.4...lets see how many good ideas can be included in the next
release...make it even more spectacular....

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