[sword-devel] The OSIS Vision vs STEP

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 11:49:47 -0700

Hey guys,
	I would love for the STEP tools to work!  Spent alot of time on them. 
My hope was to first build the import tools, then migrate the code into 
a full blown driver for sword that would be able to read STEP modules 
without conversion.

	The original problem we had when doing the STEP code is that STEP 
provides a tree structure index.  When we did the code originally, we 
didn't support general books (tree structure indexing).  Now we do.  We 
should revisit these tools.  It should be trivial to create a step2gbs 
(step to general book support) converter.  The Bibles would show up as 
general books, instead of Bibles, however.  But you could still use the 
step2vpl converter for Bibles-- which, someone should debug.

	All this to say: NO, STEP support will not be 'dropped'.  I'd like to 
support as many formats as possible; it's just a question of time and 
resources.  Anyone else feel the desire to own the completion these tools?


Joachim Ansorg wrote:
> No, I think the tools won't be removed. Although Sword will probably 
> concentrate on OSIS STEP support may be enhanced in the future.
> Just my own ideas, Troy has the official ones :)
> Joachim
>>Does this mean that those of us looking to use the Sword interface to
>>access our (rightfully purchased) STEP libraries will not be supported. I
>>tried unsuccessfully to import my STEP NIV & NLT Bibles a month or two ago.
>>The modules for working with STEP (step2vpl & stepdump) crashed when I
>>tried them. Are these modules finished & working, but I just don't know how
>>to use them, or are they going to continue to be developed, or will they
>>(as a result of STEP "flopping") be abandoned?
>>BTW: We're having a baby! (just had to toss that bit in) :-D
>>James: Tell the others at MLCC.
>>In Christ,
>>Chris Knox
>>Assistant Professor
>>Internet Computing
>>Southern Wesleyan University
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>>>STEP was supposed to be the same thing, and it appears to
>>>have flopped. I hope OSIS succeeds. As a format, it is
>>>better, but I am partial to XML. As far as vision goes, I'm
>>>not sure what real world advantages it will have over STEP, if any.
>>>by grace alone,
>>>Don A. Elbourne Jr.
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>>>>This is an awesome vision for OSIS, one format that you can buy
>>>>directly from the copyright holder or from a reseller, and
>>>every bible
>>>>software out there reading it or importing from it....