Smith's Dict. bug. was [sword-devel] is this a bug...?

Jerry Hastings
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:15:21 -0700

Hello, Lisa.

Thank-you for reporting this bug. I have verified that it is a bug. What I 
did was select the last word in the list, then select the last word in the 
new list, and repeat until it crashes. Is that similar to what you did? I 
did not make it passed the A words, but I started with the first word.

This seems to be a bug in the Smith's module. I can not cause other 
dictionaries to crash this way.


At 01:02 PM 10/2/2002 -0500, Lisa Stapp wrote:
>When I was fiddling with Smith's Bible Dictionary, it looks like "Cauda" is
>the last word available and I started hitting the message
>         Access violation at address 006AC9BA
>         in module 'sword.exe'. Read of
>         address 82E2A2CB.
>What other information should I be including in these reports?
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