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I am not directly involved with the Sword project, but I thought I could
pick up some wisdom from you guys.  I am working on web based scripture
project, and am using XML for communication of scripture (and other
data) between flash front end and php/mysql.  Rather than invent my own
way to do this, I would like to follow some other already created
schema.  I noticed THML, XSEM, and OSIS.  How do these compare?  What is
the reason you prefer and are choosing OSIS?


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Use XML, preferrably OSIS.  When OSIS 1.1 is completed, we will begin 
moving all materials over to this format.

You can find information about OSIS at:
http://www.bibletechnologies.net/ and 


Victor Porton wrote:
> What is your general suggestion about using XML-like vs a simpler
format in 
> module entries I develop?
> Example (the sense is not understandable, but this does not matter):
> <sense>
> <form name="nsm"/>
> <form name="npm"/>
> ...
> </sense>
> vs
> nsm npm
> ...