[sword-devel] Fwd: Mac OS X - early alpha test build

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again, please send to the list from a subscribed address.  These 
messages are bouncing to my inbox, as the address: willThimbleby@mac.com 
doesn't seem to be subscribed.

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I think i might of uploaded it as ascii (oops), try a newer version at:


which should unstuff with the utilities that come with macosX

hope this helps


On Tuesday, June 4, 2002, at 04:14  pm, Chris Little wrote:

> How do I install this?  (Keep in mind I'm pretty much an Apple newbie.)
> --Chris
>> Hello all,
>> There is a very messy app I put together in a couple of weeks here
>> http://wjt.port5.com/MacSword3.sit
>> I am interested in any feedback, I haven't been able to play with any 
>> of
>> the current front-ends, and am more interested in features you think 
>> are
>> needed than bugs.
>> I apologise if I have stepped on any toes regarding current projects.
>> But this is just a quick hack for fun and I would be glad to contribute
>> to any current project for Mac OS X, (esp. in cocoa).
>> I will post the source code sometime.
>> God Speed,
>> Will