[sword-devel] Win32 suggestions

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 29 Sep 2001 21:18:41 -0700

I use TBccWebBrowser, but don't think it is anything more than an import
of the IE ActiveX Control, which means if it's not in standard by
default, he can just import it.  I'm working on trying to link to Gecko
directly to remove the MS dependency.


David Trotz wrote:
> >  We lost David Trotz'
> >scheme support, but I'm sure
> >he'll get around to changing
> >it from RTF to HTML ( David,
> >;)  ).
> I actually look forward to it. But I am gonna wait until it is worked out a bit better. I am also gonna be looking into printing using the new HTML control. Are you using a Borland component for the HTML control? One reason I ask is that I had encouraged David Overcash to purchase the BC++B Std. Ed. so he can  help us out with the front-end stuff, if he finds an area that he wants to work on. We know that up to now it will compile using the std. ed. and want to make sure if it doesn't any longer (because we use components that only come with prof. ed.) that David doesn't waste his money on it.  I won't get a chance to download the latest snapshot on the CVS untill Tuesday and that is the reason I ask rather than check for myself :)
> In Christ,
> David Trotz