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I agree with Dave Overcash's feeling about Sword not tieing into MS Word.
 He has a point re Linux, (which I have tried and gone off).  Whatever
option used would need to be cross platform.

One cross platform word processor I have in mind is Abiword, which is,
of course, compatible with several formats, including MS Word.  Why reinvent
the wheel going to a lot of effort, as Dave suggests, when that could be
just the program to work with?  Perhaps those on this list who might be
interested could link in with the Abiword development and thus even help it
to be better able to work in with Sword should there be a need?  On the
other hand, I hate it when programmers of some software restrict me to
having to use their favourite programs for word processing or email links.
On balance I would much prefer programs like Sword to be flexible so that I
can integrate with a word processor of my choice.  I get the impression that
this might be more difficult to do, but I think it would be worth it.

Incidentally I follow this list with my interest as a Sword user rather
than one who is able to program.  I get a bit put off when this list
seems often to specialise in Sword for Linux, although I can understand
from the open source point of view.  Although the original message did
speak from the Windows side of things, and the reply reminded of the
Linux aspect, I think it is worth everyone bearing in mind the cross
platform nature of Sword, and this situation seems to be a case in point.

All the best..................Alan

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