[sword-devel] fun new classes

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
23 Sep 2001 02:45:03 -0700

There are five new classes in the CVS for the more technically inclined
among you.  They're all filters of some type or another.  None are
really tested, so help me try them out. :)  I'll add them to the VC++
project after they're shown to be pretty stable.


These classes are pretty basic, but may be important for Windows Unicode
support.  These should be bug free.  The UTF-16 will have the same
byte-ordering as the system on which they are used.  I'm not planning
any UTF-16 encoded modules, so these filters are primarily for output.


This class might work. :)  This filter must be used as a rawfilter after
you read part of a module into memory.  SCSU should only be used as a
module encoding, not during processing or output.


This is an option filter.  It will transliterate between any two of the
18 scripts ICU supports for transliteration.  This is the first part of
Sword that uses & requires ICU.

I decided including ICU in the Sword source tree would require a lot of
upkeep and porting maintenance on our part.  So if you want to use ICU,
grab it from http://oss.software.ibm.com/icu/ and install it.  Then
modify Sword's Makefile.cfg and change the value of "buildicu" to
"yes".  (Or if you're building with Windows, #define ICU.)