[sword-devel] Unicode fonts on Win95/98/98SE/Me

David J Ring Jr sword-devel@crosswire.org
18 Sep 2001 21:42:52 -0000

Dear Chris,

The font that windows has is "Symbol" font.  According to what I understand (and I admit that most of this is Greek to me) that font is not mapped to unicode.

I know that Logos uses fonts sold to them by Lingusist Software.  Or rather they used to use them - they changed the fonts used by their Greek books several years back.

On-Line Bible (OLB) also uses a special Greek font.

I would be glad to upload (or attach) copies of those fonts for development use.

One very nice use of software that is done by OLB is that they have from their early DOS releases made parallel displays of Bible verses possible.  Often it is informative for readers of even good translations who wish to dig deeper to see what compromises have been made in different translations. Most of us understand that thoughts exist first, and in order to describe those thoughts we take words and arrange them in a suitable order so that the receiver of our speech can understand our thought.  Unfortunately the small nuances of language are often lost in translation.  

I also understand that Logos in its latest Libronix release has ability to make parallel display with an add-on module.

I do not see that Logos has incorporated the wanted and wished for ability for people to integrate their own works, and index them, and make them available as a Logos Book.  This is something which is possible with OLB.  Logos only offers the ability to incorporate small notes.

Kindest Regards,

David J. Ring, Jr.

On Tue, 18 Sep 2001 13:15:46 -0700 Chris Little <chrislit@chiasma.org> wrote:
><"The Sword Project for Windows"-specific info follows>
>It's becoming quite clear from the support list that Unicode font support for most users of Win95/98/98SE/Me is not as terrific as we had hoped.
>I don't have any of these installed (and don't particularly want to install any of them) so could someone please explain to me how to go from being unable to view Greek text because of no font support to being able to view it?  We never explicitly identify a Greek font because Windows should be able to find a working Greek font if you've installed on as part of its language packs--but HOW do you install language packs on Win95/etc.?  Win2000/XP don't even need a language pack for Greek since it is part of the base fonts.
>It's also becoming more clear that we need to handle some method of specifying fonts on an encoding by encoding basis (as well as possibly on a per-module basis as we have now).  If we can get transitioned to using IE for HTML rendering, I guess this will be a moot point since that handles this for us.

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