[sword-devel] IBM ICU

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 12:11:42 +0200

Hello Chris,

I'm glad you got it working with sword!

> I would like to proceed with this, committing virtually all of the ICU
> code to our CVS.  However... it adds 3 megs to the CVS and about 5 megs
> to the resulting library on my x86 linux machine (it goes from ~12mb to
> ~17mb).  I don't see a problem with this, because resulting executables
> won't grow at all until they start integrating ICU functions.

My vote: Just do it!
But I also vote for the splitting of the cvs into several parts like 
sword-lib, sword-examples, sword-win or similar. Maybe this should happen 
later, or maybe we could make a 1.6.0 release now and open the 1.7.x branch 
where ICU is integrated and the cvs split up?

> Also, use of the ICU will always be optional.  The Sword libarary can be
> compiled to exclude ICU stuff.  Front-end authors may or may not choose
> maintain ICU as a toggleable ooption, but Troy wanted to make sure that
> it is an option for more limited platforms like handhelds.

Great solution.

> Please let's discuss this and whether the ICU stuff should be
> incorporated in full.