[sword-devel] DRA Error

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 16 Sep 2001 23:59:09 -0700

> Also, I never got a response to the following...

Sorry for not responding.  I frequently ignore module bug reports until
I've had a chance to fix them, then I just report that they're fixed.
Don't worry though, I read every message that comes through here and
every bug gets noted and fixed eventually.

> Also, I see that the Apocrypha is bundled with some of the 
> modules?  How do 
> I access these.

You can't.  There's not Apocrypha support in Sword currently.  This will
be implemented along with our support for alternate versification
schemes.  At that point, the Bibles that include Apocrypha will need to
be reindexed before the Apocrypha will be accessible.  Actually, we'll
need to reindex almost all Bibles as a result of that.

Troy will also have some news about general book support when he gets
back from his trip.  (For those who didn't know, Troy came to San
Francisco last Sunday, got stuck here, but is on his way back home.)