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Tom Lutz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 6 Sep 2001 21:27:59 -0400

I saw this but when I inquired about the RTF control for Win16 I found out
that we were not going that route...  So I was thinking maybe I missed
something in one of the e-mails and thought I'd ask.

I downloaded the most recent files and am now looking to make (at least the
English) the versions available for testing.  The link I have is no longer
good to get the codes.  Has authorization changed or is there another link
to get the information?

To answer David:  I'm a VB and VC++ programmer and a local pastor in a major
denomination.  This is unique because I'm not 'assigned' to a church right
now and was looking to serve in a more technical way until something becomes
available.  I wouldn't mind opening a discussion on the user interface and
how to make it more user friendly and intuitive in the Win32 environment.  I
also wouldn't mind investigating getting the software certified for the
Windows platform.  [Standards are a good thing in most cases.]  But this may
be difficult considering how many people are working on the project.

Any suggestions from the group?

God bless,

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I don't know how current this list is, but it is a list.


I'm trying to figure out how to get involved myself.



"Lutz, Tom" wrote:

> Where does one find a current to-do list?
> Tom