[sword-devel] Issues I have encountered

David Trotz (Integrity Online) sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 23 May 2001 10:17:51 -0700

These are definitely some interesting bugs. I noticed that some strange
things were actually engineered into the front-end. Chapter 0 and Verse 0,
were at my first glance errors, but after playing a bit with it I noticed
that verse 0 of a chapter shows the chapter preface notes for the
commentaries, and Chapter 0 of a book shows the preface notes for the book.
MHC is on such commentary that works in this way. I wonder if when some of
these other bugs are addressed we could also look at the Chapter 0, Verse 0
"features" and implement them in a more intuitive way. I would have never
guessed that this is how I would find the preface notes.
In Christ,
David Trotz

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> Hello
> Some more bugs relating to the handling of the spin buttons, verse
references, chapter and book headings, etc:
> 1. If the verse is equal to 0, the chapter number doesn't stop at the end
of the book, but instead at 200. (This gets really
> interesting if you start with Revelation of John, after chapter 22 you
start seeing other chapter headings interspersed with access
> violations.)
> 2. Synchronisation between spin controls & what the commentary & bible
texts are showing works with 0's if you set them in the spin
> control, but if you then change commentary, the commentary you change to
shows verse or chapter 1. Also if you type in a verse with
> a zero you get redirected to the last verse of the previous chapter. And
if you put a chapter of zero you also get the previous
> chapter. If you put both verse and chapter 0, you get the end of the
chapter before the previous chapter.(And if you put in Mat 1:0,
> the text goes to Malachi 4:6 but the commentary jumps to Rev 4:1) Another
strange example: type in Mat 0:0 - it changes to Malachi
> 3:18. Now press the button for next chapter, it changes to Matthew 1:12.
Press prev chapter: Matthew 0:12. Press prev chapter:
> Matthew 1:6
> Stephen Denne.