[sword-devel] Progress Report

David Trotz (Integrity Online) sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 21 May 2001 11:54:52 -0700

Win32 Developers,
    I don't know if this is required but since I promised to do something
within a certain period of time I thought I would keep you posted on my
progress. This weekend I worked on the color scheme for the Win32 front end.
So far I have the preferences dialog box laid out nicely. I am able to save
and retrieve all of the settings needed for the color and font information.
I changed the storage of the color from separate red green and blue settings
to the TColor number value. I did this since there are so many color
settings I wanted to make available and the config file was quickly filling
up with all of these values. And I noticed the only place the seperate RGB
values are needed is in the BuildRTFHeader function so I made a TColorToRGB
function to handle the conversion.
    I am able to change the font and size of the Text Modules, and the verse
number color too. I am also able to paint all of the modules background
colors. I haven't looked into what is required to change the font and size
for the other modules, yet. But I have noticed that changing the font color
for the Text Modules is going to be a bit tricky. The colortbl in
BuildRTFHeader doesn't seem to have the font color for the general verse
color, only for the current verse color and the verse number color. Is there
any trick to getting this done, so that I can easily change the Font color
of the Text Modules? I can figure it out I am sure on my own but if you know
something I haven't discovered yet please feel free to let me know.
    I look to working on it more this week and then I won't be able to do
much for two weeks after that so I probably won't be done for a couple of
weeks after that. I know I said two weeks at first but I forgot about some
prior engagements. I am having a lot of fun and I am planning on making good
on my word to get it done.
    Also I am keeping up with the latest changes each day via the CVS and I
am merging that into mine which seems to be working nicely this far. I have
the Hide/Show Modules working with my stuff fine.
    Which brings me to one last thing. How do I submit my changes? Who do I
send them to? In what format? Do I make a patch? or just send all of the
files and you will merge them yourself. I do plan on making sure my stuff is
up to date with the CVS before I send mine in. This is my first time working
on a team like this so please forgive my ignorance.
In Christ,
David Trotz