[sword-devel] some more new Bible modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 20 May 2001 03:10:17 -0700

> >Concordant Literal New Testament (locked) -- I'm not actually sure about
> >this one.  It has a 1926 copyright, so could it be in the clear?
> First, this is one that will raise some eyebrows if it is not in the
> questionable section. See http://www.1john57.com/literalerror.htm .
> Third, it is an intriguing translation for comparisons, but the doctrinal
> bias and some translation method warts need to be taken into account when
> using.

Okay, I've branded it heretical on the website. :)

I read a dialogue between a supporter of the CLNT and the guy who runs the
site you cited about errors in the translation.  It seemed to just be a
Universalist arguing with a KJV-onlyist over minutae, with only
out-of-context (from my perspective, just reading the dialogue) quotations
for support.

I don't really see an intentional act of deception in this translation.  I
see a number of poorly and non-literally translated words as its primary

But I'll assume you know a bit more about this translation and the
perception people have of it than I've been able to glean.