[sword-devel] HTML Sword sync

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 18 May 2001 17:35:38 -0700

Jim and others,
	Please try this url in your favourite web browser and tell me if you
can read our news groups...



James Gross wrote:
> Anyone have any comments?
> In Christ,
> David Trotz
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Well, actually, I do.  I see the biggest problem with using newsgroups is
> that some of us use ISP's that either don't allow you to use newsgroups or
> your ISP owner speaks a foreign language (I'm stationed in Turkey and my ISP
> doesn't like to respond to questions in English.  My English speaking
> friends can't translate technical English to Turkish. My Turkish is too
> rudimentary to communicate technical terms.  So, I am out of luck.).  That
> said, I would suggest setting up some kind of forum-type website.  I know
> that delphi.com allows you to set up a forum for free.  Of course, it will
> inundate you with advertisements, but that is a small price to pay, I think.
>   I have wanted to get involved with the website newsgroup, but my ISP seems
> to have dropped support for newsgroups. This is very disheartening for me.
> End of pity party.
> The now defunct Maximum Linux website even had a link to their forum on
> delphi that showed what questions/rants/etc were current.
> If anyone knows of any online newsgroup reader that will allow me to
> subscribe to the crosswire newsgroups, I would appreciate knowing which
> ones.  I have subscribed to a few, but they don't allow you to specify
> anything outside of what they already have.
> In Christ,
> Jim
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