[sword-devel] BT Conference [was: Re: [bt-devel] Latest build of bibletime.]

David Trotz (Integrity Online) sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 9 May 2001 15:07:47 -0700

Sorry to be ignorant here but what was the Bible Technologies Conference,
and how is the Sword Project involved or related?
In Christ,
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> > > > I'm also curious what the Bible Technologies Conference results will
> > > > It would be bad if we implemented ThML as main markup, but then
later a
> > > > new standard would be created by the BibleTechConference guys.
> > >
> > > When's the Conference?
> >
> > Not sure. I guess in the next days. I hope Troy will keep us posted.
> Guys,
> Sorry to be so delayed.  The conference was last week and went really
> well.  I'm hoping to post a debriefing of the events very soon.  We are
> slated to host the working groups here, so you'll all have the ability
> to easily take part in the production of the specs.  The url is
> bibletechnologieswg.org (wg = working groups).  It currently just points
> to the root of our server now.  Keep an eye on the news groups (osis.*)
> on our server.
> Hoping to give you a rundown of the Wycliffe and BTC trip very soon.
> Actually, maybe Chris, Harry, Drew, or Bob will also post some things.
> -Troy.
> PS.  It was fun meeting some of you there.