[sword-devel] Questions concerning corrections

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 1 May 2001 19:52:37 -0700

> A few weeks back the NASB95 and NIV were updated and
> reposted. I was just curious what the corrections to
> them were inasmuch as content.

As far as the base text goes, there were no changes.  The NASB95 was
primarily a renaming update from "NAU".  Since I believe it has a
versification identical to KJV except for a few omitted verses, there should
be no versification modifications, which would be the only other change.

The NIV just adds footnotes, I believe, but does come from a different
textual source.  If there are any other changes, they reflect errors or
corretions between the two text sources of which I am unaware.

> Were there any errors in layout other than the few places
> the text was super-big or incomplete that caused sword to
> crash during searches?

This is not a known bug.  Could you please test for it, see if it is
repeatable, and report it if so (along with your OS, frontend, etc.).