[sword-devel] request

Joachim Ansorg sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 30 Oct 2000 18:44:03 +0000


> I have 2 solutions:

> The official solution - wordnet, I'm sure you can find it in a search.
> IIRC there is a C interface already. we had to write a Java one though.
> However this is a large download 10Mb (english only) or something.

Aren't the StarOffice thesaurus files now GPL?
Maybe we can use them?
Or are they not owned by SUN?
Only a suggestion.

Probably I'll give wordnet a try.

> The cheat solution.
> To find words meaning something like loving, you have a list of known
> endings to words (s, ed, ing, etc) and you strip off any known endings
> (leaving 'lov') and then you search for lov*. The results are actually
> surprisingly good. I18N is a bit tricky with this though.

The last solution if nothing else is working.

> Joe.