[sword-devel] web site

Paul Dean sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 23:36:59 +0100

nuno barreto wrote:

> You should be able to see the complete sketch in http://planeta.clix.pt/nuno.barreto/sword/ in about 10 minutes.

I like it.  Clear, and simple, with nice, structured html.

I know it's only a sketch, and you're right - it does need a bit of
work, but it clearly has potential.

o Do you mean "<br/>"?  It does nothing in my browser.
o The index.html <!doctype...> seems to be html, rather than frameset.
o FYI, I put my screenshot at http://www.redeemed.org.uk/screenshot2.jpg

Come to think of it, I have to say that the only thing I don't like
about the present site is the style - in terms of functionality it's
excellent -- it takes each person to where they want to go to with a
minimum of fuss.  But I hate black web-pages and the graphics look
unprofessional.  Just my 2 cents, as the yanks say. :)

While I'm here, some other random thoughts:
I don't think it's great to have to download and install several bits to
get something useful - sword, modules, gui interface.  I think a windows
user should be able to download it all(ie the essential modules) in one
zip file, with an install program.  I think a linux/gnome user should be
able to download an rpm with gnomesword, with sword and essential
modules included.  /Everyone/ wants at least kjv and mhc, right?

I did notice some sword rpms, which is a good step, but I think I had to
compile the latest version to compile gnomesword.  I hope I don't sound
critical in a bad sense; I know everything is done in people's free
time, and I thank God for you.


"That wisdom which cannot teach me that God is love, shall 
ever pass for folly." - John Owen.