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Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 07:56:06 -0500

I'm not real familiar with png but your screenshot looks like what Netscape
used to do with transparent gifs on a table background color. I'm assuming
your browser is having the same trouble.

I really like Jason's design, from the navigation down. I like the
minimalist approach. Jason, since you asked for comments/suggestions...
perhaps using CSS would be a good idea, then if any design change wanted to
be made it could be done in the CSS instead of every page. I like
graphicless navigation and am working on a site with my son, for his book
store now. It uses CSS for all the colors and style and uses SSI to insert
the navigation bar into every page. A Miva script detects the current page
and changes the class of the element appropriately so that the current
location in the navigation bar takes a different class and thus a different
look. I don't know if the crosswire.org server is miva enabled, but I'm sure
the same type of thing could be easily written in PHP, or whatever y'all

Here is an example of what I'm working on:

BTW: his old site is at: http://elbourne.simplenet.com/zacksbooks/

Don A. Elbourne Jr.

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> Is it just me, or are the colours on that page a bit funny?  See
> <http://www.bigfoot.com/~paulgear/backwoods_sword.png>.
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