[sword-devel] Sword Website

Rob Barrett/Almaden/IBM sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 22:58:35 -0700

>> I like the layout - easily navigable.  How about the following for
>> something a bit more colourful...
>> http://www.redeemed.org.uk/sword/

> The graphic looks nice, along with the one at the top of your domain.
> suggestions ... the size for web-tv's are 544x378, the graphic image
> wouldn't fit on the screen ... I hate it when that happens :) ... on my
> screen the image takes up most of the page, and I have to scroll to get
> the content ... the image makes the page take longer to download, and
> increases the load on the server (if that would ever become an issue) ...
> but then again, I'm biased ... I don't like graphics :) ... my personal
> webpage doesn't contain any (backwoods.nu/jvs).  What about the strange
> people (like myself) who may be viewing this webpage with a text only
> web-browser like Lynx (or maybe some portable device like a web-enabled
> phone) ... I wouldn't be able to navigate it.  Anyway, those were just
> quick thoughts ...

Just my two cents on the graphic....  First, I like the overall look of it
quite alot -- the stained glass color scheme catches the traditional
aspects of church but it certainly has a modern appeal, too.  But on the
down side, I agree that it's too big -- but for a different reason.  When I
clicked on different menu options, the same big graphic was at the top of
each page, taking up most of the window, so I couldn't tell that I was on a
new page at all.  In my opinion, *something* substantial in the heading
should change when you load a new page.  So I would try to make the graphic
a bit more horizontal and less vertical.  You could then make the sections
appear slightly "buttony" and then have the look of the button change when
you are actually *in* that section.  Also, for bandwidth conservation
reasons, you'd want to split the graphic up into pieces so that the main
SWORD graphic only has to be loaded once and subsequently comes from the
browser's cache.