[sword-devel] Sword Website

Jason VanScyoc sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 18:21:38 -0400

> After a quick look. I like it in general.  The color differenct to
> is good.

I tried to stick with a B&W theme since this is what Troy indicated he liked
... and no one else had indicated a preference.

> However, as a suggestion, perhaps a more distinct difference may help the
> color blind to see the current section better.

I don't know anyone who is color blind, but the yellow is only using 2/3 the
light the white uses, so I think a color blind person would be able to see a
difference ... maybe something that would have been better is the text
inside the 'glow' would brighten ...

> Also, I haven't checked, but are alt tags etc. used in order to make it as
> useful as possible for the blind?

Yes, one quick way to tell is to hold the pointer over the graphic ... the
alt text will appear.  This isn't useful for just blind people though ... if
someone is using a text only browser like Lynx (which I do sometimes), if
the tags aren't there, you have no way of knowing what the graphic is
suppose to be ... and also for any web-enabled devices like cell phones in
the future ...