[sword-devel] Important things!

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 05 Oct 2000 23:02:00 -0700

> > Don't be afraid of the direction we are going with search.  I'll try to
> > ease your conscience:
> >       o There are many people who have expression the desire to search in
> > MANY different ways.
>But we shouldn't confuse them if we offer the different options. GUIs have to
>be simple, powerful and easy to use!

Sometimes I like to search for whole words only. Other times I like to 
search by substrings of words. But I don't like having to remember what the 
wild card symbols are, or having to enter them. Is it * or . or ?. Can I 
use # or _? I prefer a toggle or a separate text box to enter them. I also 
don't like trying to remember if it is AND or + or &, or OR or |, or NOT or 
~ or - or !. I jump around between a lot of programs and web sites and 
can't remember which uses what symbol. I find that well structured forms 
with lots of options work best for me. If I get frustrated by a search 
method I probably won't use that software much. But different people are 
frustrated by different formats than that which frustrates me. Why not 
support more than one? At least in the engine.