[sword-devel] SWORD logo

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Fri, 31 Mar 2000 16:19:04 GMT

Joachim Ansorg writes:

> Hi!
> I made some wuick work with the GIMP.
> Here's the result.
> Probably not good enough? Or am I not right?
> Please visit: http://www.bibletime.de/sword.html

Of the two, I like the second one, with the blue text.

> My brother updated the renederd SWORD image:
> http://www.bibletime.de/images/sword-logo.jpg

I like the changes.  I have only looked at it so far with 256 colors, but I
will look again from home.  Did he change the laptop to make it look more
like a book, or did I notice it because I knew what to expect?

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