[sword-devel] Re: [bt-devel] Unicode and SWORD

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 20:49:28 -0700

Joachim.  Just got 0.23 running with sword CVS.  The personal commentary
seems to work ok, with a few exceptions...

To get it to work....

	checkout, compile, install sword from CVS.
	cp -r locales.d/ from sword dir to /usr/share/sword/
	download and unzip a few raw modules in /usr/share/sword
	download personal commentary
	mkdir .sword
	cd .sword
	unzip Personal.zip commentary package here
	cd mods.d
	cp ../modules/comments/rawfiles/personal/personal.conf .

then run bibletime.

The reason for this last step is because the download on the website had
to have its name changed from -+*Personal*+- to just Personal.  The
symbols where freaking out the web download tool.  The personal.conf
file in the data directory is still named the old name.  Only the one in
mods.d/ matters.  You may want to have bibletime check for Personal
instead of -+*Personal*+-

The name used to be funny just so it would inform the user that this was
a 'special' functioning commentary.  We should use a different mechanism
for this now.  I think we added a feature to check if a module was

I always forget how cool bibletime is until I bring it up again! :) 
Just a few questions.

How do I make it stop popping up the options dialog upon startup?

> I'm using the new german booknames and noticed that the german umlauts are missing in the key editline.
> Is it possible that this is a problem using SWORD's char* with QT's unicode QString classes ?

I tried de locale but I see umlats just fine.  Is there a certain place
that they are not being displayed properly?  Are you sure that the font
that you have selected is mapped correctly.  I did not change any of my
font setting and it seems ok for me.

You may try running the parsekey test program under the tests directory
of sword and see if you get umlats there:

[troy@charis tests]$ ./parsekey "Heb 1:19" de
Hebräer 1:19

Anyway.  Thanks again!  It looks great!