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Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 12:48:40 -0700

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Well, with the recent discussion of registering sword.cx and
crosswire.cx with NIC.CX, I figured I'd asked the horse about their
intentions.  This is the response that I received.  So, with their
blessing, you should be able to access the project with sword.cx,
crosswire.cx, and any reasonable prefix.  I think mail might work

Speaking of which.  I'm not sure if everyone knows or not, but anyone
with ssh access to the server also has a mailbox.  You may obtain your
mail from mail.crosswire.org with username and passwd the same as ssh. 
Also the standard .forward file in your home directory will forward your
mail to another email address.

Anyone that finds they don't have an account, let me know and I'll see
about getting one set up for you.

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"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:
> I have been told that nic.cx will register opensource projects for no
> fee.  I lead opensource efforts at the CrossWire Bible Society and would
> like to register: sword.cx and crosswire.cx if this is appropriate.  Our
> organization exists to host opensource efforts.  You may view our work
> at:
>         http://www.crosswire.org
> I've used your website forms to register sword.cx and then found in the
> FAQ to email here.  Thank you for your generosity.

Hi !

that's all fine - please register both domains and drop me
another line. I will then mark them as 'free'.


hostmaster@NIC.CX / http://www.nic.cx