[sword-devel] Verse references

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
05 Mar 2000 18:19:24 +0100

>>>>> "Wally" == Wally Brock <wbrock@owc.net> writes:

    > Hi Joachim, Verse references are like dates, the standards are
    > different in different areas of the world.  I think the best
    > approach would be to offer a choice of verse reference formats in
    > the options dialog.

I guess (well, it's just a guess) they are different in different bibles
(different source formats (GBF, ...)) but would be consistent within one
text. So this should probably go into the HTML filter for the different
formats to detect references and invent some tag (or use already defined
thml tags) to tell the presenter where the reference points to. We then
need to subclass out nice KHTML widget to process those extry tags.

Does this make sence?

    > In Christ's Service

    > Wally

    > Joachim Ansorg wrote:
    >> Hi!
    >> I'm thinking how to implement verse refernces in the presenters
    >> of the new upcoming BibleTime 0.3.
    >> What is the format of verse references ?  I saw different things
    >> like #John 1.2, {John 1,2} and chapter and verse divided by
    >> different characters ( like , . : ).
    >> Is there a general format or shuld we support all?
    >> Thanks!  -- Joachim BibleTime - the bible study program for KDE
    >> http://www.bibletime.de/ info@bibletime.de


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