[sword-devel] Testing the ISO image

Torsten Uhlmann sword-devel@crosswire.org
05 Mar 2000 18:01:31 +0100

Sorry for the long delay!
The message was hidden within a thread :)

This is the output:
Olivia:/cdrom # ./setup.data/bin/x86/glibc-2.1/setup.gtk
BUG IN DYNAMIC LINKER ld.so: dynamic-link.h: 57: elf_get_dynamic_info:
Assertion `! "bad dynamic tag"' failed!

Running in gdb failed because of:
"/cdrom/./setup.data/bin/x86/glibc-2.1/setup.gtk": not in executable
format: File truncated

You probably already solved it, but anyway...

>>>>> "Troy" == Troy A Griffitts <scribe@crosswire.org> writes:

    >> Thanks!
    >> Now I can execute the setup script- and see another problem
    >> arising:
    >> ./setup.sh: line 35: 14368 memory access error "$setup" $* The
    >> setup program seems to have failed on x86/glibc-2.1
    >> Please contact Loki Technical Support at support@lokigames.com

    > Ugh, OK.  could you try (from the base directory) to execute:

    > setup.data/bin/x86/glibc-2.1/setup.gtk

    > I'm wondering if it's a shared library mismatch problem.  you
    > could also execute this file with gdb:

    > gdb setup.data/bin/x86/glibc-2.1/setup.gtk r

    > send me the output from the 'bt' command after the crash.

    > This is a real bummer.  I would like to compile the setup.gtk
    > program statically, but when I add the -static directive to the
    > compiler, I get all kinds of unresolved symbols.  Maybe someone
    > else could try checking out the setup module from CVS and get it
    > compiled statically.  This would be a much safer solution.


best regards,
Torsten Uhlmann


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