[sword-devel] Unicode Bible program

Johnny Stovall PhD sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 26 Feb 2000 08:09:51 -0800

At 09:53 AM 2/25/2000 +0000, you wrote:
>- Eventually all of Sword _must_ support Unicode, because that is the way
the Web is
>going, given that XML is defined to be Unicode, and currently the best
standards for
>text markup use it.
Many are beginning to realize that something more powerful than XML is needed
for things like dotMonadsfeatures but whatever comes next is likely to be
as an extension to XML and Java.  I am also very interested in helping
things to
go this direction.  It is usually easier to go to to RMI, COBRA, or (D)COM
Java than from C++ unless the C++ was originally written to be part of a
of components for one of these.  I haven't looked at the SWORD source C++ yet.
Was it written as a component library for one of these?


>Because of this, i believe that adding to Sword is the best option.  If
Troy's Java
>bindings can be made to work, then there is no reason we can't use a Java
>plugged into the Sword libraries.  (That would make me a much happier and
>productive programmer, too.  :-)
>> > > Troy, would
>> > > it be possible to include new software like this under the SWORD
>> >
>> > Of course.  That's what CrossWire is for:  to sponsor opensource
>> > ministry projects.
>> Great. I'm not interested in forging out on my own even if a program
>> from SWORD/BibleTime is needed.
>> ...
>> > there is a cvs module: jsword that you can checkout that include many of
>> > the sword classes ported to java.  I've done quite a bit more that I
>> > have not yet checked in.  I was doing it for fun on the bus ride to
>> > comdex last year and have since lost my laptop nic pcmcia card.  I'll
>> > move it to a floppy and check it in if anyone is interested.
>Definitely interested, Troy.
& Johnny