[sword-devel] New search engine

Trevor Jenkins sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 22 Feb 2000 21:53:45 +0000

> Hi!
> I was wondering if Trevor is on this list.

I'm still here and, of course, reading the discussion. :-)

> Perhaps you know that he said he want to implement a very fast search engine !

Unfortunately the "post viral fatigue" I'm suffering is still with and
therefore I am still off work. :-( Whilst general email correspondence is
okay but even then I've over done it. I'm still working on a specification
but after attending a meeting of which I remember very little, engaging in a
10 minute phone call with a friend that utterly exhausted me and shaking
during a church service (and not from the Spirit's power) I'm
having to pace myself ... much slower pace than I'd like, very much slower
than I'd like.

> This would be very great and since I don't know any other person with the text
> retrival programming skills of Trevor I want to know if he's working on it or
> will be working on it.
> Trevor, this would be really great!

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

The idea isn't forgotten just slowed down real slow; much like the shuffle I
had to do on the way home from my last appointment with my doctor.

So watch this space but don't expect it tomorrow, sorry.

Regards, Trevor

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