[sword-devel] God's Word translation; domain names

Michael Paul Johnson sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 09 Feb 2000 14:23:27 -0700

I just asked Rev. Michael Hackbardt, Executive Director of God's Word to 
the Nations Bible Society, if he was interested in distributing the God's 
Word translation (http://www.godsword.org) in Sword format. (He emailed me 
about something else, so I thought I might as well ask while I was 
answering his email, anyway.) Stay tuned.

Troy, do you think it would be nice to have a domain name for the Sword 
Project like "http://sword.cx" (.cx is for Christmas Island)? If so, surf 
on over to http://register.com and make it so. Since .cx domain names 
actually cost less than .org domain names and work as well, I predict this 
domain name will be registered soon, if not by you, by someone else. You 
can just point that domain name to the same server as http://crosswire.org, 
then use either URL. (I do something similar with http://eBible.org and 


Michael Paul Johnson