Bayu Gunawan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 10:43:37 +0700

Dear Troy,
i hope i can received Sword CD, but until now i haven't yet received th CD.

Can i got one or two, and how much the cost to Indonesia.
Bayu Gunawan
Jl. Bukit Barisan 7

"Troy A. Griffitts" wrote:

> ANNOUNCING the availability of an ISO9660 CDROM IMAGE on the FTP site,
> finally!
> :)
> Sorry for the delay, I was trying to get the installmgr usable before I
> built another CDROM master.  /pub/sword/iso/ is the place.  Go easy on
> the ftp server as this is a FULL cdrom image.  Please do not download
> unless you are really going to test and/or use the image.
> Having said that... Please test and/or use the image.  This is a very
> preliminary image for the next burn of CDs and I would really like to
> get feedback on the linux installation process.  A mirror of the image
> files will be available on the server for maintainers to fix bugs and
> add things /pub/sword/iso/image/.
> BIBLETIME guys!  I'd really like to get an apps/bibletime/setup.sh
> working with Loki's setup tool.  I've hacked Loki's tool to include a
> <font></font> mechanism allowing installation of new fonts that
> bibletime might need to display things properly.  It currently installs
> these into the last path in the XFontPath array and tells X about them.
> Don't know if my patches will make the distro, but the ISO on the site
> has the binary with the additional features.  If we use this, I'll try
> to update to prompt the user for what XFontPath entry into which they'd
> like to install the fonts.
> If we get a Bibletime install working, I'll make a linux splash screen
> with buttons like [Install SWORD libs] [Install Bibletime] [Run
> InstallMgr], etc.
> We might place all these into different <option></option> tags in the
> installer, but SWORD needs to be installed to '/' to allow updating of
> /etc, /usr/share/sword, /usr/doc, /usr/lib, etc.
> Please let me know your thoughts.  Also, I haven't retested any of the
> WIN32 functionality in a while.  I haven't changed it lately (unless
> inadvertently) so I'm hoping there will be no problems.
> The CD contains mostly 1.4.6 binaries and code.  There are unofficial
> 1.5.0 tars on it, but these will be updated on the final build of the
> image.  Please just report on the installation process and
> configuration.
>         Thanks to everyone who have been very patient.
>         A greater understanding of God's Loving Grace to you,
>                 -Troy.