[sword-devel] Legal ? NT mss

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the vatican has admited that the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus Codices are simply compilations chosen and edited by the early catholic
church. no different than Nestles.   DSS has proven though that the BHS and masoretic texts are only letters away from the
originals. The Isaiah Scroll proved that the MSS Hebrew Isaiah was almost identical. In otherword 2000 years of Hebrew scribes
passed along an almost error free set of 24 books. While the NT was a mass of fragments for 1600 years.  we have Entire Torahscrolls
today almost Identical to the DSS. 2000 years have changed them VERY little. Ever seen what they do when they find a mistake.
Programmers should be as concerned about code.\\

anyway I am digressing into my history and archaeology again.

sorry guys!

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> > We NEED the texts available for the developers to actually WORK on them.
> > They are not publically available and neither are the decryption codes.
> I agree with Yeshiah on this point.
> I an not under the impression that we are breaking any copyright laws.
> What we are publicly distributing does not quote even a single verse of
> these translations :)  Without the decipher keys these are NOT the works
> themselves.  The keys are not publicly available.  We are not publicly
> distributing these works.
> Yeshiah,
> There are others on this list better suited to answer your statement
> regarding the Greek mss., but... the textual criticism efforts that have
> gone into Greek texts such as the NA27 is stageringly painful, and with
> the Vaticanus and Sinaiticus Codices we have nearly complete greek mss
> dating closer to the actual origin of the texts than any other work of
> antiquity.  We have partial fragments of much of the greek NT dating
> even earlierly-- 2nd and even 1st century.  The purpose of the critical
> apparatus included in the NA27 and even the U4 purposes to allow the
> reader the opportunity to see the various threads of variance (as slight
> as they may be), and to make informed decisions relying or else excusing
> the choices made.  A similar apparatus is also included in the same
> German Bible Society's Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS).
> troy