[sword-devel] Legal ?

Darwin Gregory sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 23 Nov 1999 14:58:26 -0800 (PST)

--- Yeshiah Zalman <shayah@gatecom.com> wrote:
> We NEED the texts available for the developers to actually WORK on
> them.
> They are not publically available and neither are the decryption
> codes.

Since there is no legitimate need for these copyrighted versions until
approval is received, I perceive that the real requirement is to test
the encryption/decryption code and the security of the locking.

This could be easily accomplished by encrypting and decrypting versions
which are freely distributed.  There should be nothing magical about
the NASB, NIV or any other version that would make it behave
differently than the PD versions.

I have ben reading these threads for a while, and must add that I
believe that it is a Christian's obligation to avoid even the
appearance of immorality.  In my opinion, and possibly God's,
rationalizing why the copyright doesn't apply to this case has the
appearance of immorality...

As an avid user of the NIV, I have also read some things that have me
considering switching to a non-copyrighted version.  I am planning to
start memorizing a book of the Bible, and it would be unacceptable to
me to memorize something that I wouldn't be able to share as needed
without worrying about how many verses I am quoting, and what
percentage of my presentation is from the book I memorized.  According
to what I read in the NIV copyright this would be the case.

I think I'll have to check out the WEB...

... Darwin Gregory

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