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I think we are getting off topic. I think what the up-roar is about is if
the sword project cannot distribute the NIV, NASB, etc... legally, why are
they doing it? If it is not legal, that makes it illegal, or do we agree
with David Dinkins, New York City Mayor:

"I haven't commited a crime. What I did was fail to comply with the law."

when he was answering charges of not paying his taxes.

I would hope the people working on the Sword project are all Christians, and
Christians should not commit crimes, wheter the law they are breaking is
smart, or stupid. Copyright laws, are just that...laws. Not following the
law means you are breaking the law, breaking the law means you are being
bad... God does not like bad whether it be for His glory or not.

It does not have to do with who holds what copyright, or if another text
exist that is not copyrighted, but the fact that the Sword project is
committing an illegal act.

Is this right?

Jeremy - jcowgar@cbnews.org

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so use it! Seems like a viable solution.

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> At 10:59 11/23/1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >I agree. It is not the same as the Hebrew texts of which we DO have
> >ancient copies. The Massoretic text goes back 1000 years and we
> >find that it is only differed from the Dead Sea Scrolls  by 9 words in
> >Genesis. And these 9 words are simply language evolution. It
> >doies not even change the meaning. So where as we see the Hebrew text so
> >frequented across the net in freely available forms. The
> >same will most likely never be seen of the greek since the greek
> >compilations are "made up". In otherwords. The actually greek NT
> >never existed in its NA form. USB/NA simply compiled a "version" by
> >organizing the fragments in a way they felt is homogeneous.
> Actually, there are several Public Domain Greek New Testaments available.
> Dr. Maurice Robinson's Byzantine Majority Text is a work that some people
> (including me) believe is actually more accurate than the UBS/NA text, and
> Dr. Robinson intentionally and irrevocably dedicated it to the Public
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